We Provide Business Software Solutions & IT Consulting Services

C.S.T.C. is a private limited company registered under Company Act. The company is promoted and established with aims and objectives to support customers through Accounting Software and Computer related work with recent means of available Information Technology.

The company assists its customers with complete solution to their current and future software/hardware and private network needs. All users that are right from start- ups, small- and medium- sized businesses are included in services. The company is promoted and manage by a capable team with the assistance of efficient technical know- how having depth knowledge, skill and extensive research experience.


Ourselves a subsidiary of C.S.T.C., has been set up with an objective to provide better quality software, hardware with skilled support / services / solutions / training / implementation / consultancy , thus making a mark for itself in the region and preferable choice among our growing user base for their business automation since over a decade.

We partner with our Clients to assess, structure & implement ready-made & customized software / hardware solutions in unprecedented time frames, totally localized & regionalized. We have ever since been dedicated to provide business software solutions & IT consulting services to a client base diversified in size, geography & industry in a regionalized environment. Customer satisfaction has always been our driving force and we believe in offering maximum value to them for their affordable IT investments, giving them an edge over the competitive market.


Our comprehensive service offerings facilitate business & technical transformation using latest technologies. We specialize in providing User's Accounting & Inventory / Automobile Management / CRM solutions by implementing our expertise in Software planning & development. Our effort has always been able to provide best cost effective solution in practical, logical & professional route, thus improving client's overall management for Business Enterprise system with greater reliability, stability and consistency undoubtedly, which operates smoothly and solves the purpose of diverse requirement, providing required intelligent information for effective management planning and decision.


We emphasis on pursuing & maintaining quality procedures thus developing & implementing better applications, network integration, excellent services & consultancy. We combine quality procedures & processes with mature software development approach & practices thus enjoying continuous customer confidence.


Creativity and Integrity We do business differently keeping in mind the market conditions & client requirement. We started our operation with preconceived notions in marketing, consulting, implementing, supporting and training of leading system like NAVIGATOR+, AUTOBOOOM, My Customer Manager, Red Chilly and gradually developing our own R&D source, providing total Customized Software (Accounting, Billing, Inventory Management, Sales Depot, Spare Parts etc.) Microsoft , Norton-Symantec, Kaspersky, Oracle, McAfee products & Branded / Assembled Hardware products like : (IBM, COMPAQ, HP, Samsung, Epson, etc.), Network integration and others. We started from scratch & strived hard to reach the present status. We anticipate encumbrances while constantly improving procedures in our system to offer better customer satisfaction. Honesty, Hard-work, Quality & Efficiency are the key weapons in our arsenal and believing our customer & associates as emperor and partner, with our humble objective of Serving U Better


We are a close knit family of technical & finance professionals, consultants expanding steadily and well versed in system analysis, design & development methodologies with quality procedures. We believe to have a rich experience in Accounting & Inventory / Automobile DMS solution development & implementation on broader platform & related application, business processes & the skills continuously upgraded. We specialize in Corporate-level Training , Technical Support & Services, Client-site Job-Work, Upgrading Trainees to hard-core professionals etc. on the related above discipline with our finest expertise since over a decade. Our basic insights into the diverse customer industry has helped us to gain greater confidence gradually and deliver better structured models & establish stable systems.

Open Architecture

Platform on backend is a stable & robust MS-SQL RDBMS, providing complete investment protection running on the widest range of computer systems implying unlimited choice for the Users.


These solutions helps you enforce business policies, controls, reduce costs & expedite growth thus reducing poor quality and making your products & services better.

Comprehensive Security Regimen

The Operating System, RDBMS & application level security settings provide a very robust system access & security regimen for above installations.

Easy User Interface

A complete windows based application with easy & comfortable operation for the Users of all ages. These solution is not just a automation, it is a tool to compete and make your enterprise better gain competitive edge.

Affordability, Upgradeability & Scalability

Implementation options are available at individual module levels and in a phased manner to form a powerful and comprehensive management information network. Our continuous endeavor to offer superior technology product at an affordable price ensuring maximum ROI (returns on investment).


Product Description

Main Features in Navigator Web ERP and Navigator7-IRD Approved Version

Account and Master Setup Module Features

  • Multiple Document Numbering
  • Multiple Document Designs
  • All Menu Security Controllable for Users
  • User wise Company Access Controllable
  • Setup of Chart Of Account-General Ledger-PL/BS Layout
  • Sub-ledger -for Multiple Account Maintain e. g . Staff Name for Salary Ac etc.
  • Customer/Vender- Report Filtering for Analysis(Area, Agent, Category)
  • Product Group/Subgroup UOM/Special Rate
  • Multiple Stores/Godown Management
  • Multiple Cost Center For Consumption.
  • Multiple Currency
  • Auto Opening Transfer Option
  • Auto Year Ending and New Fiscal Year Create
  • Standard Narration Setup
  • Setup of Memo for Production (BOM)
  • UDF(User Defined Field)
  • Multiple Branch Management System

Daily Transaction Entry Module Features

  • Voucher Receipt /Payment-For Cash and Bank Related Transaction
  • Journal-For Non Cash/Bank Transaction
  • TDS Journal -For TDS Deduction Related Transaction(Except Purchase Service)
  • Purchase-Indent/Order/Goods Received/Invoice/Return-for Stock and Service.
  • Purchase Service for Costing and Import VAT Register with TDS Booking
  • Sales-Order/Proforma/Invoice/return
  • Issue and Return for Self Consumption Cost Center wise
  • Finished goods Received and Return-Manual and Auto Issue
  • Transfer of Stock -if Multiple Store Required
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • TDS Payment Voucher Auto
  • ETDS Update for Voucher and Submission No.

Credit Management & Tax Related-AR/AP Reports Module Features

  • Sale Order/Bill and Return Register
  • Purchase Indent /Goods Receipt /Invoice /Return Register
  • Outstanding Reports-party Analysis
  • Sales and Purchase Analysis Reports
  • Party Ledger-Statement with different types option
  • Receipt/Payment Register
  • Party Ageing -FIFO and Adjustment
  • Sales Profitability Report
  • Vat Reports- Sales and Return /Purchase and Return Month wise Item and Bill wise
  • Annex -13 Report for as per IRD
  • Party Balance Confirmation Letter
  • Monthly Vat Returns
  • Purchase Vat Reconciliation
  • Import Register
  • TDS Report-Withholdee wise ,TDS Heading Wise Statement
  • TDS Transaction Report for Annex-10 Upload

Inventory Management Related Inventory Reports Module Features

  • Finished Goods Register
  • Issue and Return Register
  • Transfer of Stock Register
  • Material In/Out-Stock Ledger
  • Stock Valuation
  • Material Consumption
  • Consignment wise Product Costing-Landed Cost report for Import.
  • Stock Movement Report(In/Out)

Final Account Related-Ledger Reports Module Features

  • Cash/Bank Report-Summary and Details
  • Rokkar
  • Net Position
  • Bank Statement
  • Day Book
  • Journal Book
  • Ledger and Sub-ledger Reports
  • Trial Balance-Normal and Group wise
  • Profit and loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow



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